Perfumery; Practice and Principles. Robert R. Calkin, J. Stephan Jellinek.

Perfumery; Practice and Principles

New York: John Wiley & Sons, c. 1994. Octavo (242 x 164 mm.), xiii, 287 pp., index, bibliography, boards covered in glossy ill. paper. Very good, few marks on endpapers, cover lightly faded, more so on spine. Item #651
ISBN: 0471589349

"The art of creating perfumes was, for centuries, steeped in mystery. Over the past thirty years, gas chromotography, mass spectrometry, and other technological innovations have largely lifted the veil of secrecy. The formulas of successful perfumes can now be analyzed, studied and taught, profoundly altering virtually every aspect of the perfume industry, making it both much more efficient and far more competitive. This book is the first ever to present the time-honored skills and techniques of perfumery together with a detailed look at the physical, chemical, and psychophysical underpinnings of perfume development and an in-depth analysis of the structure of some of the world's great perfumes."

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