Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes we do. You can nominate any amount. Sometimes the best gift you can give a book lover is the opportunity to come in and browse. For your convenience we can do this over the phone and post the voucher directly to your favourite bibliophile.

How do I apply to work at Archives Fine Books?

If you would like to be on our radar for those rare times that we need someone new you are welcome to drop in a resume and introduce yourself. Please note we will only accept resumes in person. Please do not email us, we may not have time to respond. Please do not call us, we will only tell you to drop in a resume in person.

Do you buy books?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is not every day and not all genres at any given time.  We are extremely selective on condition. It is important to note that for the vast majority of books we consider ‘general stock’ we will pay $1 per book. For something truly collectable we will negotiate a fair price. PLEASE CALL US on 07 3221 0491 to discuss your books before bringing them in. If you have lists and photos you are welcome to send them to us at orders@archivesfinebooks.com.au. And finally, it is worth noting that we usually double our cash offer for credit in the store. For some collectors and avid readers this works to their advantage.

What type of second-hand books do you buy?

We are a generalist store which means we will look at most genres. We are always looking for good literature and poetry in fine condition. For all other genres please check by calling us first as we are not buying in all areas at all times.

What type of antiquarian and collectable books do you buy?

William Blake, Australiana, Art, Literature, Illustrated, Private Press, Fine Bindings, First editions, Modern firsts, Greek and Latin classics, Law,  Militaria, Natural History, Photography and more.

Will you come to my house to look at my books?

Yes, time-permitting, if we are interested enough, if you have more than 100 books and if you live in the greater Brisbane area.

Is there parking?

No. Parking is terrible. There is a multi-level Festival Car Park across the road that has cheaper rates after 4pm and on the weekend.

Do you buy textbooks?

Think of us as a last resort for selling your textbooks. No matter how current or what shape they are in we are never going to be able to take them all and we are never going to offer you more than a dollar or two a book. We do understand you have paid hundreds of dollars for them. Try university noticeboards or online selling before bringing them to us.

How do I know what my books are worth?

The easiest answer is that the market value of your books is what someone is willing to pay for them, which may not always match what you are willing to let them go for! We often get calls from people who have seen a book they own advertised on the internet for a high price and assume that is what their book is worth. Whilst sometimes this is true, in most instances it is not. As members of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Antiquarian Booksellers (ANZAAB) you can trust that we are bound by a code of ethics to offer a fair and reasonable price for your collectable books. Whether or not you are ready to sell, you may wish to avail yourself of an appraisal service to give an indication of the current market value of your book. PLEASE NOTE, books are not an investment. You are well advised to buy books because you love them for their content, construction, provenance, or some other reason, but not because you hope they will be worth more tomorrow than they are today.

Do you offer an appraisal service?

We do not offer an appraisal service.

How long has the shop been here?

Archives Fine Books was establised in 1985 and moved into the John Mills Himself building in 1986. We became the third owner/custodians in 2008.

Can I use your premises for a film/photo shoot?

Yes, please call or email us for our rates and conditions. Please do not take photos or footage without speaking with us first.

Have you got a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Yes. We are all in relationships. Thanks for asking.