10 Years of Stewardship

10 Years of Stewardship

Wednesday, Aug 29, 2018

Last week we celebrated 10 years of stewardship of Archives Fine Books with an unannounced 50% sale on Wednesday and lovely in-store celebration on Saturday evening.  

The surprise sale was our way of saying 'thank you' to our everyday regulars. We enjoyed surprising people with the news as they entered the shop and we appreciated the many expressions of gratitude and good will we received on the day.

The event on Saturday evening was a relaxed wine and cheese affair comprised of socialising with family, friends, colleagues and collectors, the youngest being Salvador who brought his lovely mum Jody along. Wendy Downes of The Cheeseboard put on a mouth watering spread,  and our friend Nicole Tate graced the gathering with her beautiful harp musicianship.


Hamish told the story of waking up one day after months of unemployment, shaving, putting on a clean shirt, printing a resume, and getting a job at Archives Fine Books - the second place he applied that day. The first was at Borders - a bookstore chain - and it's just as well he didn't get a job on the spot there, as they are now history. 

Barely a year later the then owner of Archives Fine Books Ross Mack was thinking of selling. Hamish 'begged and borrowed' and took stewardship of Brisbane's Temple of Logos. In the ten years since he has organised half a million books, weathered the GFC,  the e-book revolution, and survived freak storms and floods. He also married yours truly and supported my vision to build the antiquarian and 'fine' end of the business.  Together we plan to keep the doors open for decades to come, contributing to the intellectual, cultural and aesthetic life of Brisbane.

Dawn & Hamish