Archives Fine Book Collecting Prize 2022

Archives Fine Book Collecting Prize 2022

Thursday, Jan 07, 2021 10:45 AM

In May 2020 Archives Fine Books was delighted to announce that Ms Emily Porter of Bray Park Qld was the winner of the inaugural Archives Fine Book Collecting Prize with her entry A Horse Lover’s Library.


We originally intended the Prize to be an annual event. However, the extraordinary circumstances of 2020 gave us pause to consider its sustainability in a time of uncertainty and change. On reflection we decided to make the prize a biennial one. We are therefore pleased to announce that the next Archive Fine Book Collecting Prize for Young Collectors will be awarded in 2022.


The biennial structure enables us in the meantime to broaden our commitment to encourage and support young collectors. In 2021 we plan to host 2-3 events in Brisbane to give emerging collectors the opportunity to meet each other, to connect with more established collectors and to expand their knowledge about traditional points of collecting and how those traditions are being adhered to and departed from in the third decade of the twenty-first century.  


We welcome any established and emerging book collectors resident in or visiting Brisbane to attend these events. Please register your interest by writing to Dawn Albinger at